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Yesl, a vibrant talent from Seoul, brings a rich and dynamic array of sounds to the global electronic music scene. Her sets expertly span house, trance, techno, ambient, deep techno, IDM, and more, captivating audiences with innovative soundscapes and electrifying performances.

Having performed alongside renowned techno artist Yigitoglu, Yesl has begun to establish her presence in the global electronic music community. Her international footprint extends to Bangkok, where she performed at Never Normal / More Rice with Krijka, further broadening her global influence.

As an essential member of the Venn crew, Yesl curates remarkable events featuring international talents like Baldo, the mind behind Subwax, and Aldonna from Aus.

Venturing beyond the DJ booth, Yesl’s influence extends into the fashion realm, where visionary events seamlessly fuse music and style. Notably, during Paris Fashion Week, Yesl curated a transcendent experience at Le Bains that attracted over 800 attendees, placing Korean DJs at the forefront alongside luminaries like Darius (FR), Hotel Radio (FR), and local talents Jesse You, Taejung, and Lyrical Daniel.

In Seoul, Yesl participated in organizing an iconic event that attracted over 500 attendees, featuring celebrated artists such as “I Hate Models,” Net Gala, Chukimandal, Kirara, Mushxx, and Lyrical Daniel.

Yesl also played a significant role in these events in France and Seoul, collaborating with brands “pushbutton” and “CCCS,” overseeing branding and planning development.

Her ability to create immersive musical experiences captivates audiences, breaking musical boundaries and leaving a profound impact on the global and local electronic music scenes.

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