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Scène du Donjon

Judeline is the future. Only in a few moments of history can we find a similar case like Lara ́s
in earliness and impact on the Spanish music scene.
With her debut EP, a release consisting of five songs and titled “de la luz '', it confirmed all
the potential that could be sensed in her previous collaborations with great artists such as
Alizz, Oddliquor or Tuiste. On the line of great names that have completely changed spanish
mainstream pop from our country to the world, “de la luz” fulfills the complex function of
finding new routes without letting behind southern Spain's traditional music.
On “de la luz” there is space to dance, to hear new sounds, and of course, to feel new
emotions. But, all above, “de la luz” ́s value is that from the first moment it shows an artist
with her own and particular voice, something that a lot of established artists have been
chasing for years.
On her first single “otro lugar · despertar”, spanish guitars and hand-clapping lead into a funk
rhythm over which Judeline's voice breaks and breaks over the rhythms. The song is a
full-fledged demonstration of power. As is "marisucia - noche", perhaps the most exuberant
and intimidating production track of the whole album, with a somber halo over the whole

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