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Ivan Ave





Scène du Donjon

Ian Ave signed with Berlin based Jakarta Records in 2014 to release "Low Jams", a five track phenomenon produced by Stones Throw artist Mndsgn. The EP was described by as “an enveloping head nodderthat peppers irresistible grooves with vivid double-entendres and exists in the same elusive strata of true school perfection occupied by Nas’debut Illmatic LP.” Since then Ivan has put out several projects in his signature sound and brought that same vibe to venues and festivals across the map, either alone with his SP-555 or with his full jazz quartet. He has made crowds in Paris and NYC multi task dancing and lyric appreciation, just like his audience at Roskilde or Oya. Ivan Ave's relationship with music started in the CD shelves of his older sisters. Today the Norwegian MC makes songs clearly shaped by sneaking into 90s bedrooms to play albums by The Fugees and Janet Jackson. In the last few years he has put out several EPs, all deeply rooted in the RnB and Hip-Hop of his childhood, perhaps even more the 70s jazz and soul that inspired it

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